Increasing farmer productivity is one way our employees can earn a better income. We are committed to increasing productivity through the provision of training programs and production tools. Our farmer training program increases farmers’ knowledge of organic coconut surgar production practices. Through this program, farmers observe and gain hands-on experience with organic coconut sugar sugar production methods. In addition, farmers are provided tools to support their work.

1. Organic Standards Social Initiative
PT Integral Mulia Cipta’s CSR program includes a socialization program acquainting managers with farmers, which has already involved around 2,500 organic coconut sugar farmers and land owners throughout the company’s production area. The program also includes 200 registered organic coconut sugar sugar collectors.

We involve the District Agricultural Office as a local knowledge point to further ensure the delivery of organic coconut sugar of the highest quality. This socialization initiave aims to directly connect the company and farmers, furthering a more person-to-person means of promoting the vision of our company to produce high quality organic products.

2. Farmer Training and Distribution of Production Tools
More than a thousand registered farmers at PT Integral Mulia Cipta have already received training on how to produce high-quality organic coconut sugar. Production training sessions are held regularly through the Training Division of the Internal Control System (ICS). Training is conducted at a designated employee’s house according to the layout of each village. We also involve our own employees as trainers in at the sessions, employees who have successfully implemented organic production practices. Such training is helpful in strengthenting adherence to organic production standards and increasing overall production yields. To supplement our training, we distribute a wide array of production equipment to farmers and even provide a kitchen improvement subsidy to our highest achievers.

3. Monthly Bulletin
At present, PT Integral Mulia Cipta publishes a bulletin once a month. The bulletin includes content such as farmer profiles, advancements in production techniques, and promotion of organic production, in addition to other interesting informtion. The bulletin contains images and invites farmers to play an active role by participating in quizes to win prizes. The bulletin is distributed to farmers and collectors in the village areas built by PT Integral Mulia Cipta. Aside from being a useful tool for spreading information, our bulletin is another expression of care toward our employees. Providing information to our employees in a creative, engaging, and educational manner contributes to further increasing organic coconut sugar sugar production.

4. ICS Team Involvement
To ensure adherence to organic production standards, PT Integral Mulia Cipta formed an Internal Control System (ICS) Team that operates throughout our certified production area. The ICS Team carries out the following tasks: assisting farmers in their adherence to organic standards, ensuring that organic production processes adhere to all certification standards (including the monitoring of soil quality), educating farmers on the merits of organic versus conventional agricultural practices, guaranteeing the hygenic conditions of the kitchens, and recording production levels to process sales in accordance with yields.

Generally speaking, villages lack access to many basic services and ammenities. To develop and increase the quality of our human resources and build connections throughout the entire certified organic production area, we work with the local community and farming groups on two key issues: women’s education and empowerment.

The role of women in society is inseperable from the effort to increase living standards. Therefore, we are committed to empowering women through GEMBLUNG our public forum for the wives of farmers. The goal of this initiative is to work together to build each family’s economic foundation through the production of high-quality organic coconut sugar sugar. In line with such outreach to the family members of our farmers, we also run a program for school children called After School. Our program encourages children to exercise their creativity, practice critical thinking skills, and build confidence in themselves.

1. Women's Empowerment
We demonstrate a commitment to empowering women at the farm level with our public forum GEMBLUNG, specifically for the wives of farmers. We are aware of the strategic role women play in the family and aim to improve the welfare of our farmers’families by giving their wives a platform to address any obstacles or difficulties they face in advancing economically through the production of organic coconut sugar. We believe this program is yet another means of increasing the quality of the organic coconut sugar sugar that is produced. This initiative, in turn, will contribute positively to the progress and quality of women’s lives through economic empowerment.


2. Education
After School is one CSR program that involves primary school children throughout our entire certified area of production. The program was established to reach the education target set out in the Sustainable Development Goals, with a commitment to creating a new generation that is superior, inclusive, and humane. Over 1,000 children of our farmers participated in the progran this year. The program includes various learning activities that are entertaining and interactive, such as building a piggy bank in the shape of a polyhedron, decorating a wall with magazine cutouts, and creating pots out of recycled materials. The lesson content encourages environmental conservation based on the Three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). This enticing program helps stimulate creativity and foster the dignity of farming families’ children. Creative and critical thinking are actively encouraged to positively impact childhood development, and lessons are provided through fun and engaging educational media.

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