Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of PT Integral Mulia Cipta has provided 50 “deep” coconut tree seedlings to 25 partners assisted by Ahmad Salimin, one of the farmers in Gununglurah Village, Cilongok Sub-District some time ago. This program is carried out as an effort to regenerate the coconut trees owned by farmers that have reached an average age of more than 20 years. “Planting Deep Coconut Seedlings” program which is carried out for the first time is in collaboration with the Agriculture & Food Security Office, Banyumas.

This program is also one form of company concern for farmers on the importance of renewing coconut trees regularly. This is also an effort to preserve plants, particularly coconut trees as the source of livelihood for the assisted farmers.

Regeneration of coconut trees is also useful to keep the sap quality and quantity. It should be noted that when coconuts get older, their production quantity and quality will decrease. The productive age of coconut trees ranges from 10-25 years. In addition to the decrease in productivity, old trees tend to grow above 15 meters high so it becomes a great risk for tappers. This program does not stop up to the stage of seedling supplying, it also continues carrying out symbolization of coconut tree seed planting at the farmers’ land.

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