He is not a farmer. He is a farmer’s child. His father forbade Rokhmat from following the work of a farmer. “Being a farmer is hard and difficult,” Rokhmat recalled his past. At that time, the man who owned the full name of Rokhmat Khariri chose to become a coconut sugar collector. This work is inherited from his father. Rokhmat has been collecting organic coconut sugar for one month. Rokhmat was interested in becoming an organic coconut sugar collector because he wanted to see coconut sugar farmers experiencing economic improvement.

Rokhmat invited farmers to produce organic coconut sugar. He once gathered the collectors at his house and invited them to produce organic coconut sugar. He suggested the farmers to change their occupation since producing organic coconut sugar is more profitable. “In terms of price, organic coconut sugar is more expensive than non-organic one. Farmers can earn more profit,” said Rokhmat. Some farmers want to switch profession and consistently produce organic coconut sugar, but there are some farmers who are not interested. Some of them complain that the production process is longer and requires more energy.

When visiting Rokhmat’s house, editorial staff of IMC met Karkim, one of the organic coconut sugar farmers who would sell sugar at Rokhmat’s house. “I have been producing organic coconut sugar since there was a meeting at Rokhmat’s house. Every two days, I sell 10 kilograms,” Karkim said, casting a smile.

Rokhmat does not only run the sugar collecting business, but also pursues trigona (klanceng)” beekeeping business. He tried his luck in other fields to increase his income. “I’m trying to start trigona (klanceng) beekeeping. The harvest time is every three months. Beekeeping is a hobby that can increase our income,” Rokhmat said at his house.

The man who once served as the head of Pernasidi village in 2007 to 2013 period said that he has been engaged in beekeeping business since eight years ago. In fact, this business is considered as the longest surviving business compared to other beekeeping businesses of his colleagues in Pernasidi who had already experienced bankruptcy.

His working experience has been tested since he graduated from junior high school. The man who was born in Banyumas on March 16, 1970 never felt ashamed to do any work. His deceased father had taught him to always be proud of the work he does. “Never be ashamed to work. Any effort must be carried out with pleasure and pride,” recalled Rokhmat remembering his childhood. Since graduating from junior high school, the little Rokhmat has been accustomed to work hard helping his father to sell non-organic coconut sugar to the market, look for firewood, collect and send fruits to other cities such as Jakarta, Cirebon, Cibinong, Karawang, and several other cities.

As a child of a tapper, Rokhmat used to watch the process of making coconut sugar. In fact, he frequently helped his father cook sugar. “I am not a rich man. My father is just a tapper. I am used to live a difficult life,” Rokhmat recalled his past.

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