Distribution of Production Tools

Production equipment is one of the vital needs in producing organic coconut sugar after nira (coconut nectar). Without production equipment, the trained partners cannot make organic coconut sugar in the form of ant sugar. In practice, the production tools needed in making organic coconut sugar include sieves, filters, and gums or guseran. There is also every production tool has provisions that are in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). For example, for sieves, it is required to use stainless steel with a hole of density (mesh) 16. Then for the filter itself using the same material as the 100 mesh.

The purpose of the procurement of these production tools is nothing but to support the production activities of fostered partners in uniforming the quality and quality of organic coconut sugar produced. When quality and quality are maintained, it will certainly provide benefits for both parties. Where this is in line with the concept of partnership that has been built so far, namely mutual benefit from each other.

In its implementation, the Production Aid Aid Program collaborated with one of the producers of special production tools of organic coconut sugar in the village of Rancamaya, Cilongok District, Banyumas Regency. He is Mr. Aziz Irwanto, who is a successful sugar craftsman in the region. Mr. Aziz Irwanto helped PT Integral Mulia Cipta in meeting the needs of production equipment.

The Production Tool Aid Program is implemented in almost all the target areas owned by PT Integral Mulia Cipta including Banyumas Regency and Purbalingga Regency. From the data collected there were 9 (nine) villages that received assistance with production tools, namely Pageraji, Pernasidi and Gununglurah villages (Cilongok Sub-district); Sawangan village, Jingkang, and Sawangan (Ajibarang Subdistrict); and Karangmangu village (Purwojati District). Kerangean village (Kertanegara-Purbalingga District) and Gumelem Kulon and Gumelem Wetan villages (Susukan – Banjarnegara District).

It is hoped that this flagship program can be continued in the coming years with the addition of other production equipment in the form of pans used for cooking and cooking stoves.

MUHAMMAD MAHFUR: Teaching between Tapping Coconut Trees

From a distance faintly heard the melodious sound of a group of children reading the Koran. The sound was louder when the IMC editorial team approached a simple house painted in light green. True, this house is being used by Muhammad Mahfur to teach Islamic studies together with surrounding children. It seems the children are sitting in chairs facing each other while mimicking the words uttered by Mahfur. This 49-year-old man inserts a little time to teach on the sidelines of work to collect.


Iftar with Assisted Partners

Iftar is an event awaited by the majority of Muslim families during Ramadhan. A precious moment to be able to gather with family to enjoy iftar meals. Iftar is also the annual agenda of PT Integral Mulia Cipta. This year, in 2018, PT IMC invited company partners and employees/workers to an iftar event with the theme “Holy Light of Ramadhan: Together We Achieve the Triumph in a Month Full of Blessings”.

The event was held at the Purwokerto office on Tuesday, June 5, 2018. It was attended by company partners and internal employees of PT IMC. This event also became an event for gathering as well as strengthening the relationship between company and its partners. In addition, this event was used to share sustenance, share happiness in the blissful month.

The event attended by more than 100 employees from various departments was glorious at the yard of Purwokerto office. In addition to iftar, there were religious lecture, congregational prayer and entertainment in the form of performing arts in this event. When the Maghrib Adhan filled the air, all employees enjoyed the dishes that had been provided by the committee. At the end of the event, employees who attended the event received an enticing gift as a souvenir.

Toingatul Devotion to Her Father

The 17-year-old teenager is the second daughter of Karwin and Ripah. She is lean, just like her father. Her father is a sap tapper. Toing, that is how her friends call her. Currently, Toing is a 3rd grader at one of Vocational High Schools in Purwokerto. She is so proud of her father’s occupation. In fact, Toing often takes her time to help her father producing organic coconut sugar after school.


Distribution of Bulletin to Farmers

Communication is an important element in relationship. Similarly, PT Integral Mulia Cipta also established communication with thousands of assisted farmers to strengthen the relationship between the two. One of the communication media used by the company is a bulletin published once a month.

Bulletin is a publication medium published by the company on a regular basis and distributed to all company partners across Banyumas, Banjarnegara, and Purbalingga regions. The bulletin contains news about the profile of farmers, stages of sugar production, management of organic coconut sugar, organic land, and other interesting information which is useful to increase farmers’ insight.

The company is trying to provide the latest information needed by farmers on the development of organic coconut sugar. In addition, the bulletin is also functioned as an educational medium for assisted farmers; persuasive media for farmers to consistently produce quality organic coconut sugar; and a means of entertaining for farmers through the quiz rubric contained in the bulletin.

In addition to functioning as a medium of communication and information for farmers, the bulletin is also an attractive and informative means of communication for the progress of organic coconut sugar production. Bulletin also becomes a literacy medium and enhances the reading culture among farmers. The bulletin which is distributed regularly is a manifestation of the company’s concern for the company’s partners.

The bulletin is equipped with representative graphic photos and images. Farmers are also invited to play an active role in answering quizzes in the bulletin in return for interesting prizes. Hopefully, the presence of bulletin among farmers can be an effective means to support the progress of organic coconut sugar.

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