Employee training and development is any attempt to improve current or future employee performance by increasing an employee’s ability to perform. We are committed to providing employees training development to achieve their full potential. We support them by regular training and health program.



To improve the best performance, the company realized the importance of training programs and employee development. PT Integral Mulia Cipta is unwaveringly committed to developing the strength and competence of its workforce on the road to reaching our company’s mission.

Therefore, in order to increase the competence and quality of our human resources, we launched training activities and a sustainable development program called Boost You Up. The company and its employees strive toward continuity and harmony because both will ensure the success of the business, which in turn benefits our workers. Our programs, intended for all of our employees, are aimed at achieving the best performance and productivity that is possible. We believe investing in employee training and development benefits both the company and the workforce.


We launched Saturday Sport as a social initiative to promote company awareness of our employees through sport. Two times a month our employees gather to participate in either aerobics or football competitions. These activities provide many health benefits to our employees, such as increasing stamina and endurance, improving muscle health, reducing stress, and maintaining overall fitness. We believe if the body is healthy, it will also contribute to our employees’ performance. Health benefits aside, our Saturday Sport program fosters closer relationships between our employees and teaches the importance of teamwork. The program also provides a means of developing and channeling talent.

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